CAP offers a safe haven for at-risk youth in grade kindergarten through high school. No matter what programs they choose, participants receive caring attention from positive role models who help them focus on possibilities, not limitations. At CAP, we are striving to pave the way for positive futures.

We provide the following programs and activities at the minimal cost of $1 per student/day to students and their families:

  • After school tutoring and mentoring
  • Conflict resolution
  • A filling meal each day
  • Alcohol and drug education
  • Community involvement activities
  • Career interest classes in medicine, law, engineering and education
  • Field Trips
  • Summer Camps
  • Fine Arts program including guitar, piano, and sewing lessons
  • Job Readiness courses/Interviewing skills, funded by a grant from the Gap Foundation.

Instructional Programs

The instructional programs at CAP are designed to give academic support to the child and to aid the daily classroom teacher. We seek to give support to the parents of these children who find it difficult to help their children for whatever the reason with their daily quest toward excellence. We have a low ratio of students to adults allowing us to assure that the child has achieved a mastery of concepts before going on to the next skill.

We also want to empower our children to take challenging courses knowing that we will give them full support to achieve success in math, English composition, biology, or chemistry. We recognize these classes to be the “gateway classes” to prepare them to attend colleges and universities. The CAP instructional methodology is to expose our students to these disciplines early, beginning as soon as in the second grade.


We believe that exposure is a major key to our students being able to set and attain goals. CAP has career preparation exposure programs. These programs are in medicine, law, engineering, and education. Soon, we will be adding a Junior Achievement program and meteorology exploration.

The medical exposure class is designed to give students who are interested in medicine the basic concepts of medicine. Dr. Hal Hooper, a retired licensed physician, was the first instructor in this program.

The law class is designed to give students who are interested in the legal profession basic concepts of the law, courtroom procedures, and elements of fact gathering.

The engineering program is designed to give the students a better concept of what an engineer is and the work that they do. Several engineering disciplines are covered such as electrical, chemical, industrial, and civil engineering. Baker Kirkpatrick, a retired industrial engineer, was one of the pioneer instructors of this program.

In the education program, the students learn how educators prepare for their classrooms, explore teaching styles, and other areas of classroom preparation. The people mentioned in this article, along with Fred Bailey, are the first to lead the career programs, and we are grateful for their pioneer sprit and contribution to the CAP program.

Community Involvement
The CAP staff believes that we have an obligation to encourage our students to become civic minded, to learn how to work with others in a group setting, to spend more time out-of-doors, and to learn to appreciate the arts through hands on experiences. We strive to teach our students about how our government operates, and to gain a better understanding and appreciation of our country and flag. To help us to achieve some of these concepts, we have art classes, field trips, and opportunities to participate in leadership activities.


  • Summer Camps
  • Field Trips
  • Summer Reading Program
  • VSA Arts Camp at Vol State
Letters from Campers

Two actual letters received from campers:

Thank you so much for sending me to camp. I wouldn’t of gone and had a great time if it wasn’t for you. I am very happy that I went because if I didn’t I wouldn’t of learned all the things that I got to learn. I appreciate it so much. Thank you for helping me go to camp. Thank you!

I would like to thank you for taking us to camp. I also want to thank you for getting us a drink at the store. I had fun riding with you guys. My favorite parts were horseback riding, swimming and the overnight. The overnight was the best because I got to swim in the lake. I also got to sleep under the stars. I thank you again for taking us to camp.