Student Programs

Our Programs

CAP offers a safe haven for at-risk youth, from kindergarten through high school. Our student programs ensure our children receive caring attention from positive role models who help them focus on possibilities, not limitations. At CAP, we strive to pave the way for positive futures.


The instructional programs at CAP are designed to give academic support to students while aiding the daily classroom teacher. We also want to provide support to the parents who find it difficult, for whatever reason, to help their children with their daily quest toward excellence. We have a low ratio of students to adults, allowing us to ensure each student has achieved a mastery of concepts before moving on to the next skill.


We aim to inspire and empower our children to take challenging math, English composition, biology, and chemistry courses. We recognize these classes are the “gateway classes” they’ll need to attend colleges and universities. That’s why we make sure our students have the tools they need to succeed in these courses.

The CAP instructional methodology is to expose our students to these disciplines early, beginning as early as the second grade.


CAP provides mentoring opportunities to students to help them explore their career interests. Past mentoring programs have included medicine, construction, law, engineering, and criminal justice.

Community Involvement

The CAP staff believes we have an obligation to encourage our students to become civic minded, to learn how to work with others in a group setting, to spend more time outdoors and to learn to appreciate the arts through hands-on experiences.

We strive to teach our students about how our government operates and to gain a better understanding and appreciation of our country and flag. To help us to achieve some of these concepts, we have art classes, field trips and opportunities to participate in leadership activities.


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Learn to Swim Program

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Summer Enrichment Program

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Cardboard Challenge

Program Participation

Refer a Student to the Children Are People Program.

If you know a child who would benefit from participation in our programs, submit the Student Referral form and tell us about them.