Did You Know?

The presence of caring adult mentors, especially in after-school programs, can have dramatic results. The United States Department of Education confirms that children in after-school programs….

Are two times less likely to use drugs
Are one-third less likely to become teen parents
Improve their school attendance record
Complete their homework more often
Learn to respect diversity
Develop better conflict resolution and social skills

Children Are People, Inc. chooses not to seek or accept State or Federal funds to support the program. Our message to our students about success is Personal Responsibility, Education and developing a strong Work Ethic.

Donations from individuals, churches, civic organizations, corporate sponsors and foundations make it possible for Children Are People to provide programs free to at risk youth. Children who need us the most are often the least able to afford a fee based service. We need you and or your company to consider supporting Children Are People. After reviewing the information below please make a commitment to the youth of Sumner County. We would be pleased to have you call or visit our center and see first hand the results of this worthwhile and much needed program.

Download the contribution form here.