March 1, 2022

Former T-Mobile COO Shares Advice, Life Lessons with CAP Students

We are proud to share that we were recently joined by Sue Nokes, a sought-after speaker on topics including leadership, perseverance, customer service and personal growth, who shared her incredible knowledge and life experiences with our high school girls.

She talked about the importance of Opportunity for Improvement, telling students to never overlook or be too proud to recognize “OFI” in themselves. In addition, Ms. Nokes explained why preparation is a crucial element in their education, their careers following school and in many other facets of life.

“It doesn’t require talent to be prepared,” she expertly told the students.

As the COO of T-Mobile, Ms. Nokes’ leadership was recognized in Wireless Week for positively changing the face of the customer experience in the wireless industry. She built a team that helped lead T-Mobile from “worst to first” in 18 months according to JD Power and Associates, and during her tenure, T-Mobile moved from negative to more than $6 billion positive EBITDA.

Most recently, Ms. Nokes served as the Asurion Advisory Board Vice Chairman, working closely with the Chairman, CEO and Executive Committee on Global Growth and Operational Planning. She was also the Executive Sponsor of Asurion’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative.

We want to thank Sue Nokes for sharing her time, and her wisdom, with CAP!