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Mr. Bailey inspires poet and rapper, Saran Thompson.
If you don't know Mr. Bailey's story, take a listen to Versify; Nashville's new podcast interview. A full house was present to listen to Versify's first episode featuring poet Saran Thompson, and Fred Bailey.  If you couldn't make it - that's OK - you can now download and listen to the first three Versify episodes in whatever podcast app you use, or stream them all in one place:

Mr. Bailey is the center of attention, surrounded by love, during this photo shoot with Reader's Digest.
In April, Reader's Digest put out a call to find the nicest place in America. After 283 nominations, many many photographs, videos, essays, 300,000 viewers, 750,000 readers, 72,832 votes, and 10 finalists, Gallatin was declared victorious!  Mr. Bailey was one of the few citizens honored with an interview. Read more about the nice city of Gallatin here:


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The Gallatin Junior Service League Hosts 7th Annual CAP Year End Celebration
The wonderful ladies of the Gallatin Junior Service League hosted the Seventh Annual CAP Year End Celebration. The party took place in the gym at Benny Bills Elementary. Decorated with hundreds of helium balloons, the gym took on a very festive vibe. The kids came to celebrate another successful year at CAP and to receive their individual superlatives.

CAP Kids Raise Funds for Haitian Relief Efforts
The events of the January earthquake in Haiti have been felt around the world, even right here in Gallatin. The students at Children Are People decided that it was their turn to help others. During the month of March, the 62 CAP kids in grades K-12 brought in any change they had. From pennies to dollars, the kids brought in their money to share. Overall, the children raised $158.78 which was donated to Doctors Without Borders for use in Haiti

Gap Loss Prevention Group Hosts Golf Scramble
On Friday, September 4, 2009, the Gap Loss Prevention Group hosted a golf scramble at The Legacy golf course in Springfield, TN. With over 20 teams participating and the Gap Foundation matching the proceeds, the charity event raised over $8000 for Children Are People, Inc. CAP sends a special thank you to the Gap Loss Prevention team, the sponsors, the Legacy staff and crew and everyone else that made this event a huge success.

Children Are People, Inc. takes High School students to Universal Electronics in Nashville
Children Are People, Inc. (CAP) is a mentoring and tutoring program in Gallatin that currently has 58 enrolled students. Eleven are of high school age and these students recently attended a career development seminar sponsored by Universal Electronics in Nashville, Tennessee. The seminar was designed to gain insight into today's job market for preparedness in resume writing, completing job applications and general overview of work day environment. After the seminar the students were treated to dinner compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Turner, owners of Universal Electronics.

Children Are People, Inc. is supported by St. Luke AME church
Elizabeth Sanders (St. Luke AME), Fred Bailey (founder and executive director CAP) Ar'taviona Alexander, Thiech Rambang, Porscha Gregory, Armon Love, Melissa Brown and Marva Douglas (St. Luke AME)

Children Are People, Inc. P.O. Box 1443 Gallatin, TN 37066
Children Are People, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) organization and contributions are tax deductible.